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Friday, August 29th, 2008
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I decided to start editing the Making Of and one of the musicvideos, so that at least something will be finished before 2020… It’s not that long that we finished shooting but it so crazy watching the material now. I even can’t remember a couple of things anymore, I guess the reason for that is the lack of sleep back then. Anyway we got more than 20 hours of Making Of and Casting so it will definitely take me some time, but it’s such a good feeling working on it.

DAY 113 - HA HA HA

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
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Ha ha ha. That’s all I can say anymore. God must be a comedian cause after all the drama during shooting and after nearly destroying our material, we now probably won’t have a film. For nearly 2 weeks we try to get our material into the computer. But there is one problem after the other. Already 2 technicans had been here, but with no progress. Yesterday we thought we finally managed only to realize we have the picture but no sound. The sound should be relinked but it wasn’t. To relink it manually it will take us probably a year as we have more than 40 hours of material. More than great. Right now we don’t know what to do. We are only depressed.

We can only hope for a miracle like the one below:


Friday, June 13th, 2008
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Now that the shooting is over I finally can start shouting. Do you think my team was satisfied with the water we arduosly melted from ice cubes? No of course not. They needed Gatorade and not a little. Supposedly it’s really healthy for your circulation and pushes your power. Only I got totally dizzy because of the costs. Luckily I found out that you can buy it as powder too, it’s a little bit cheaper but still… So dear team: now you know why we couldn’t afford any other food than sandwiches within 7 weeks. It’s all Gatorade’s fault. However for my team it was like drugs, that’s the only way you can discribe the following video: 


Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
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On the way to the film set: DOP and assistant are getting bad to Soulja Boy:


Monday, June 9th, 2008
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That have been good times with good food. Not like now, when I have to “invite” myself to friends all time for dinner cause I came back from the US totally broke. (Yes it is embarrassing to call people I haven’t seen for years, but what shall I do, can’t help it anymore cause I have to eat something). My fate was the sales, I got totally weak as girls usually do. At least I had a nearly empty second bag…

Anyway, if you wanna learn how Mexican food can also be, check this out (cause don’t forget, it’s always good to learn something new :-)):


Monday, June 2nd, 2008
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Since yesterday I’m back in Austria and damn I’m already missing Brownsville sooo much. After days of trembling we got the information that our Raid System is destroyed but the filmmaterial still intact. Right now it is under repair but hopefully in something like three days we can finally start getting the material into the editing system. Till then I will sort the 3000 pictures we made and start sifting the Making Of tapes. 
Right now watch a video me and Barbara sharing a room 3 month ago at the beginning of production:


Friday, April 25th, 2008
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Haake and Andi improved their self-made car-rigg today. (Car rigg = for mounting the camera on the hood.) Check out the first try-out:


Thursday, April 24th, 2008
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Horrible, horrible, horrible. In total it was a good shooting day, everything worked out. After a scene at Fuegos House, where Ricky tries to sell cookies again (he is really poor, he always tries his best, but never sells anything…), we moved to a fancy area close to the wood. The fire department helps us again with light, while Barbara tries her best to show the actress how to flee from Carlos in the wood. I talked to the neigbour for a long ass time so that we could shoot without disturbance. Big mistake: I wasn’t full of OFF as our stock runs short. As I wasn’t directly in the wood I was thinking it wouldn’t be too bad, but damn my legs are so full of bites, I can hardly control myself not to scratch. Is it possible to die by mosquito bits?


Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
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Today we went back to the house of the two mexican ladies to film some more scenes – of course not without having some troubles. First problem: we need a Dad for the scene, but somehow forgot about him… So the ladies started to call all their neighbours to see if someone has time to come out in the movie (actually that’s how easily a carreer can start, but not that you think we are already totally desparate and take anyone, the guy doesn’t have to say a word and just stands in the background…). After an hour of calling we really did get someone.

Next problem: one of the actresses forgot her costume at home, so Barbara went with her to her house to pick it up. There she explained all the family pictures to Barbara for more than half an hour. Pretty interesting, but when you are already pressed for time not really helpful. Third problem (or challenge how Haake would say it): the car ride. Therefore see the video:

The rest of the scenes happend without any more incidents (putting aside the fact that Barbara forced me to crawl behind an old fridge and to pull out the kabel from the electrical outlet while shooting a scene. I got an electric shock, but couldn’t cry as we were filming…).

What I liked most was the scene with the egg. The Mexicans have this crazy superstition that you can eliminate a bad spirit with the help of an egg. By rubbing off the body with the egg and then to put it into a glass of water under the bed, you can get rid of it. Really crazy…


Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
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1.) Crissy is warmhearted, sensitive, vulnerable.
2.) Crissy is a prostitute from downtown addicted to crack
3.) Crissy comes out in our movie as a crack addicted mother and acts very real.
4.) Crissy is unpredictable.


Today’s scene: Crissy is being thrown out of the house by her son Manni.

The problem: Crissy is not there. Our set location (Triste’s house) is locked and Triste won’t pick up the phone.

Besides: Constanze is stuck in the mud with her car.

How does a director feel, being confronted with problems like this, knowing he is running out of time. I’d say, it’s time for heavy thinking. Therefore, we just get Constanze out of the mud, I adapt the scene to an outdoor scene and Constanze searches for Crissy and gets her on set (unbelievable story by the way/ check out Constanze’s blog entry).


Crissy looks worn out and shakes when she shows up at the set. First thing she does, is telling me that she feels so down today. And yep, you can see it in her sad eyes. When she gets her clothes changed for the scene, she throws all her own clothes into the toilet and tries to flush it down. No good sign.

We start to shoot: Manni (RJ) chases Crissy down the stairs out on the street and throws stones after her in the end. Crissy acts so real and authenticly. It looks like she is performing her own life right now. Unbelievable shot. Haake makes fascinating moves with his camera. One take done. Still, we need another one to improve the difficult camera moves.

Right then, Crissy tells me that she can’t do it again. She breaks out in tears and runs into the bathroom of the apartment next to Triste’s . I follow her. The owners of the apartment are not really happy with the fact that a worn out girl is using their bathroom and want her out. I get in to talk to her. Crissy breaks down into my arms. She is crying heavily and can hardly talk. I try to calm her down. She tells me that last night was terrible. She was forced by her husband to go with a guy and to… well, I guess you know what. She didn’t have a good feeling about that guy, but her husband insisted to go with him. She then starts crying again. People from my team are knocking onto the bathroom door. Also, the owners of the apartment want us out. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I just think, I have to help Crissy. That’s priority nr. 1 now. And somehow I manage to calm her down pretty quickly. Then I explain to her that she can of course leave. But I need help as well: I have a film shoot and I’m running out of time and can’t afford any additional shooting days. I feel so much pressure and if she can somehow manage to do another take, it would be of great help for me. Of course, I would understand if she can’t do it. Crissy looks at me for a while and then agrees to do one more take before she leaves.

So we leave the bathroom. I tell Haake that we can only do one more take. Haake gets all mad, but I had no time to explain the whole situation to him, so I force him to concentrate and do that difficult shot as good as he can. So, we shoot the scene. Haake at his best. Wow, I can really count on him. And Crissy – wow. After that take we drive Crissy back downtown. I feel so sorry for her. I give her my phone number, so she can call me up if she feels like talking to someone.

We’re back in our hotel now. Crissy hasn’t called. I guess, she’s not gonna call anymore. And even if I don’t like it, I have to face it that Crissy is Brownsville, too.