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Monday, May 12th, 2008
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Tomorrow is our last day of shooting and my schedule is like a sudoku game. Sometimes you can fill out all the fields until the last one that doesn’t fit. I have scheduled the scenes more than 37 times and tomorrow we have to do the rest. Maybe it will work out, maybe not. If we don’t manage we can’t complete the movie.

At least I managed to get 2 locations for tomorrow. One is the Literacy Building downtown where we filmed already a while ago. And damn: someone comes especially for us to open, because they have a lunch break at the time we wanna shoot. Of course we can’t pay anything and guess when I called (6pm). (NBC is shooting in Brownsville too and they wanted to rent the sports hall in the Literacy Building for their extras. They had negotiations for more than a month and have to pay 1,000$ - I guess we are doing something right…)

But anyway, I will go to bed now for 4 hours and then get up again and try to get 1 more location, 2 police officers and 20 exras. If I fail the last months were for nothing as we can’t complete our movie.


Monday, May 12th, 2008
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The day before the last shooting day: Constanze and me and actually everybody else is hardly sleeping now. We’re working day and night. Yesterday I called extras for today’s fancy party scene until midnight, while Constanze was desperately trying to find a location and a choir for tomorrow’s scene. Hardly sleeping, we drove to a very rich house with a big garden and a pool to set up today’s scene.

While Haake and Andi fixed lightening on the roof and the trees, I set up tables with RJ, bumped several times against a huge cactus (ouch!) and put cakes, chips, dips, cocktails, punch everywhere. Unfortunately all the food caught the insects’ attention and we had to spray insect-killer onto everything. Then, because I didn’t know how many extras were actually gonna come, I forced the whole team to get dressed in fancy clothes. So, for the worst case, they could have been in the picture as well. Therefore Constanze ran around in a short cocktail dress, Andi wore his cowboy hat… Haake was still in shorts and flip flops but there was no chance to put him into the picture anyway (somebody at least had to operate the camera). But I was lucky and we had enough extras when we started shooting.

In between two scenes, when Haake bumped into that stupid cactus again and Gaile tried to get the stings out of his a***, Constanze mentioned to me that there were some ladies here, apparantely from an escort service. She pointed at some girls with very short dresses and huge… well, huge… (let’s leave that out). I told her I called the phone book yesterday (from A to Z) and that I just didn’t really care who I called as long as I called enough people for today’s scene. So please, no questions on that topic. Well, the shooting lasted until 3 o’clock in the morning, after Carlos and his friends almost threw me into the pool, after that I got into a really bad fight with Haake, after that Andi got all pissed off (for the first time since he’s arrived in Brownsville) because he was left behind with the equipment while everybody else took off… But in the end everybody was happy and the scene wrapped up. Oh, and then I had a car accident when I tried to park in front of the hotel (I was just about to fall asleep, sorry Constanze!). But that accident was our least problem. The big problem is that we still don’t have a location and a choir for tomorrow’s scene. And, yep, tomorrow is the last shooting day and afterwards we have to give back all the film equipment. We seriously got a problem!

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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
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The end is near. Today we had 5 different locations as we have to complete missing scenes. For me it was totally stressfull as I have to bring stuff and collect release forms too. At downtown we then had another car accicent and again: it was not my fault! Everybody is complaining about how I drive, but damn I didn’t have an accident in the last months! This time Andi was driving back and just crashed into my car. Luckily it was exactly the same place the other car crashed into, so I guess we were just lucky again.



Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
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Another day full of challenges and suprises. First a shoot at Chuck’s Gunstore. Assignment from Barbara: pick up that one actor from Pancake World, that’s where he eats for lunch. What she forgot to tell me: the man didn’t want to come out in the movie, is an old racist and sexist and after discussing with him for half an hour I really hope never to see him again for the rest of my life. Then a shoot at the Alonso Building: the beauty contest. First everything started good, but then a father started trippin out because of the time (10:30pm). He stopped a scene with his daughter and therefor the whole shooting. Luckily we managed to film the most important things at the beginning, but it’s a real shame with the rest…


Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
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Did I ever mention that there are some weird birds living in this city of Brownsville? No, I’m not talking about humans but REAL BIRDS. Every day at around 6 p.m. they start making this weird, loud noise that just make it impossible to record a good sound when we’re shooting outside… But Gaile, as always, fighting for the perfect sound, no matter what.


Monday, May 5th, 2008
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From now on: If I ever include a beach-party-scene at night in one of my scripts, I will think twice about it. Why? Let me just explain today’s shooting day:

We were shooting our first take (Carlos driving his truck, with girls on the truck bed), when the police stopped us. And Carlos didn’t have his driver’s license with him!!!! I tried everything to get us out of that misery. I told him that I was from Europe and had no idea that I was acting against the law and maybe he could tell me more about American laws and besides of everything I am a poor girl from Europe and ….. The cop finally let us go! So then, while we were heading to the beachside, Constanze got stopped by the cops, too, for driving too fast. Same story: Poor European girl feeling so sorry and not knowing about the rules in this country. Wow, he let her go, too. Just a warning, that’s all.

But then the next problem: One car after the other got stuck in the sand. It took forever to get them out. Not only our cars got stuck, but also the cars of the extras and actors. So, finally, after hours, we could start shooting. And, to be honest, the scene we shot, will be one of the best scenes in the movie. I never saw better acting than today. Aimee unbelievable! Even the extras applauded her after one of the takes… And also Carlos was acting as if he had never done anything else in his life. Wow, what a scene!

img_3551.JPG img_3553.JPG img_3558.JPG img_3560.JPG img_3561.JPG img_3564.JPG

When we were done with shooting, I was happy but tired. Still, we had to go on with shooting a music video for Fuego and the 4Kings. We had promised it to them for helping us out at the shooting. The only thing was that Haake, Andi, Gaile, Constanze and me had been already working for 14 hours. No breaks inbetween. To be honest: We were about to collapse right there on the beach. Still, there was no other day available for shooting the music video and so we just had to do it. Right when we were done with it, Constanze went up to me and told me that we had to shoot one more music video. I thought she was kidding me but she wasn’t. Robert, a rapper as well, was kinda pissed off because he had helped us out for weeks but did not get a music video from us like the 4Kings and Fuego. That was just not right. So, although I was super-exhausted and tired along with my team, we just did it and shot one more music video. Right now, sitting in the hotel, writing this… I feel like collapsing any moment. I have no idea how many hours we were shooting today but it feels like two days through.



Sunday, May 4th, 2008
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Only one more week of shooting left and it gets crazier and more improvised every day. Today we had a paintball shooting and a shoot with a model class on the schedule. First problem in the morning: we have a location but not enough actors. Therefor Barbara forced Andi and RJ to participate, luckily it worked out as you couldn’t see their faces under the paintball masks. Next problem: we have too less weapons and no gas-tanks. While I bought the cheapest guns I could find at Academy’s (but hey at least Andi and RJ got weapons for self-defendence…) Barbara called at the only paintball-store in Brownsville. Unfortunately it is run by a student and the opening hours depend on his college schedule. At the end Barbara and I were standing in front of the store, but noone was there. But then Barbara saw a dog behind the door and knocked at the door of the store next door. This store was owned by the student’s father and after explaining our desperate situation he gave us 5 gas-tanks for free. With a four hours delay we could finally start shooting (not to mention that I had to go back to the hotel twice as various people forgot various things - right Haake?). The team filmed totally crazy as we had to be back at the Red Roof Inn at 5 to shoot the model class scene in the conference room. If you think our day has now ended you are wrong. We still had a meeting regarding a musicvideo shooting and had to coordinate the next days. Luckily the end is near. I only hope we still manage to shoot everything that is still missing…


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