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Fellow-Bloggers and Press…

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
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At this point I shall also quickly blog to gladly point out the articles on our project that have already been published:

The only one in English is to be found in the Brownsville Herald - the link is:

Brownsville Herald - View from the ‘Inside’

Unfortunately all the other artices are in German, but nonetheless… here the are…

Fellow bloggers have written on - the direct link is:

this article can also be found on the - direct link: 

and on the blog, also featuring an interview with Constanze: 

Then there are the articles published on print in Extradienst and Kurier and the on-line interview with Constanze on the homepage of Ö1 - the direct links are:

Extradienst - Moguln der Zukunft

Kurier - Stars mit Handschlagqualitäten

Ö1 - Talentebörse, Film: Constanze Schumann, Produzentin

All the links can also be found in our blog roll in the “Press” category.

DAY 113 - HA HA HA

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
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Ha ha ha. That’s all I can say anymore. God must be a comedian cause after all the drama during shooting and after nearly destroying our material, we now probably won’t have a film. For nearly 2 weeks we try to get our material into the computer. But there is one problem after the other. Already 2 technicans had been here, but with no progress. Yesterday we thought we finally managed only to realize we have the picture but no sound. The sound should be relinked but it wasn’t. To relink it manually it will take us probably a year as we have more than 40 hours of material. More than great. Right now we don’t know what to do. We are only depressed.

We can only hope for a miracle like the one below:


Friday, June 13th, 2008
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Now that the shooting is over I finally can start shouting. Do you think my team was satisfied with the water we arduosly melted from ice cubes? No of course not. They needed Gatorade and not a little. Supposedly it’s really healthy for your circulation and pushes your power. Only I got totally dizzy because of the costs. Luckily I found out that you can buy it as powder too, it’s a little bit cheaper but still… So dear team: now you know why we couldn’t afford any other food than sandwiches within 7 weeks. It’s all Gatorade’s fault. However for my team it was like drugs, that’s the only way you can discribe the following video: 


Thursday, June 12th, 2008
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Today the Raid System came back, everybody was totally reverential and nervous when it came into the editing room. Finally we can say: WE CAN KICK IT OFF!!!!!

And I got interviewed for another blog, didn’t know how much fun that can be. Maybe I change my career and become a celebrity hahaha …

It’s in german, but here is the link to


Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
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On the way to the film set: DOP and assistant are getting bad to Soulja Boy:


Monday, June 9th, 2008
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That have been good times with good food. Not like now, when I have to “invite” myself to friends all time for dinner cause I came back from the US totally broke. (Yes it is embarrassing to call people I haven’t seen for years, but what shall I do, can’t help it anymore cause I have to eat something). My fate was the sales, I got totally weak as girls usually do. At least I had a nearly empty second bag…

Anyway, if you wanna learn how Mexican food can also be, check this out (cause don’t forget, it’s always good to learn something new :-)):


Friday, June 6th, 2008
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Damn, I’m so excited already. Tomorrow we finally get the Raid System back and then we can finally start editing. I already told you about Haake’s firts real day in Texas, but I have to bring up this topic again. On the day of his arrival we went to a Chinese restaurant as Haake was afraid of Mexican food (all I can say: beans …). But now we know that Chinese food in Texas is not to recommend. And as Haake is a mean person he didn’t use his own toilette, no he had to use my and Barbara’s one. If you wanna see it live go to our YouTube site, here are the pictures:

p7180050.JPG Yes, we hate you! The Master


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
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Back then when Haake first arrived in Brownsville everything was totally new for him. No wonder he was never before that far away from home. Joe from the Filmcommission picked him up at the airport and brought him to their office to check our light equipment which came with an air freight. (This was the moment to find out if our lights would would work in the US as there is a different line voltage in Europe. If not we wouldn’t have had any light for shooting). In the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant as Haake was really sceptical regarding Mexican food. Well he got sick from the Chinese food then, that’s all I can say. What was hardest for him was the fact that you can’t smoke anywhere. Look how happy he, Barbara and Joe looked like when they were secretly smoking on the parking lot of the restaurant:

Haake and the Equipment dscn3301.JPG


Monday, June 2nd, 2008
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Since yesterday I’m back in Austria and damn I’m already missing Brownsville sooo much. After days of trembling we got the information that our Raid System is destroyed but the filmmaterial still intact. Right now it is under repair but hopefully in something like three days we can finally start getting the material into the editing system. Till then I will sort the 3000 pictures we made and start sifting the Making Of tapes. 
Right now watch a video me and Barbara sharing a room 3 month ago at the beginning of production: