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Finally: the first shooting day. After organizing stuff, picking up actors and buying cigarettes for my team I went to our location in the early afternoon. Before I was complaining about the heat in the car, now that I entered the house I thought I would collapse. It was unbearable hot and had a humidity of 100%, you couldn’t breath anymore. As the set was pretty small and as we had some of our equipment outside on the street (a horror for any insurance) I decided to go outside watching the equipment. First I was relieved getting from 104° into 95° in the shadow, but I soon started regretting it. The Filmcommission warned us from the beginning of shooting in Southmost and informed preventative the police that we are there. Beside that they called me every hour to see if we are still alive or if there was a shooting or something like that. I knew that Southmost isn’t the best area in Brownsville, but I thought that their concerns are a little bit exaggerated.

Without thinking anything bad I sat down next to our equipment, when I suddenly realized that with the darkness obviously the whole neighbourhood appeared. I got the feeling to be in a MTV musicvideo, everywhere gangsters with bandanas, Dickies, muscleshirts and rosaries. They started smoking, some of them showed each other their guns and all of that with still watching me. A thought comes to my mind - “don´t look at them” - and I started remembering what RJ told me. One wrong glace will be interpreted as disrespect and who knows what then might happen. So I started looking at the ground, but still realised that they were talking about me and looking at me. And I was totally by myself. I decided to go into the house to see how long they still gonna shoot. I knew they were working as fast as possible but I really wanted them to finish and save me from my position in front of the house. As there was no chanceto I had to go back to the equipment. When I sat down again I feverish made observations on how I could save the equipment if they were going for it. The truth is: if they had wanted the equipment I would have given it to them without doing anything. That’s how scared I was…
Yeah, so what shall I tell you. One hour later after 17 hours of shooting the equipment was my smallest problem. Now I had to tell my totally overtired team that we are doing a musicvideo shooting. Somehow the gangster had found out that I am the producer of the movie and they wanted to take that opportunity. And I can say only one thing: THANK YOU so much for this exciting first shooting day and for an unforgettable musicvideo shooting!!! That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

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