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The scene for today: Ricky, the nerd, gets in touch with a gang and is being forced to take all kinds of drugs. Everything was supposed to run in a documentary kind of way. Which meant: A real gang, a real situation. Luis (=Ricky) didn’t really know what to expect but wanted to give it a try. We made a secret sign, which meant “Stop it”. Also, I talked to Fuego, Triste and their gang, so nothing would get out of hand. But then a call from Triste: He and his gang got in a fight last night and Triste got hurt badly. Therefore, Triste and the whole gang cannot be there for the shooting. Fuego tried to find other people from the hood and also, Saint, a friend of his, tried to get a hold of gang-guys. And all of a sudden I had two gangs from different hoods on the set. Gangs that would usually fight each other. Fuego knew both gangs and was sure he could keep everything under control. For the movie, he said, they would remain peaceful. I thought I might discuss this matter with Constanze and went to look for her. I finally found her. She was just buying drugs from Jesús because we needed them for the scene. One could say she was actually buying props. However, anyone who knows Constanze, knows how absurd it is to watch her buying drugs. Even more absurd than that was the fact that she then asked for a receipt as she need a proof for every penny she spent for the funds. All that was just too crazy for me and I decided to deal with my matter myself. In the meantime, the gang guys were already stoned from their own drugs and I just thought, we had to start now. Luis agreed and we started shooting. The gang guys had fun with Luis and Luis was acting wonderful. They all got into it and the scene developed quite well. But, as easy as it started, as tight it became. The gang guys got more and more into it, became kind of aggressive and finally I had no control over it no more. When one of the guys took a knife out and threatened Luis with it, I stopped the shooting. Saint and some other guys tried to get everything under control again. They were pretty helpful. Luis remained unbelievably cool and after a while he wanted to continue the shooting and finish everything. No doubt, Luis is really cool. So, in the end we finished the scene and I really gotta say: It rocks. One of our best scenes in the movie, for sure.

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