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Something’s wrong with me. I feel weak, got heavy headaches, for two days already. We’re not shooting today but there’s so much to do, so I can’t take the day off. Overall, we’re still looking for “Zinnia’s House”, the location of a very conservative Mexican familiy. It’s supposed to be small but nice and packed with photographs of the family, Christian stuff (Holy little statures…) everywhere, couches covered in see-through plastic…

We’ve been looking everywhere for that house already but nobody will give us permission to shoot. And I don’t know who to ask anymore. So I just give it a chance and ask the Mexican cleaning lady at the hotel. And guess what, she knew a house that might fit our description. Right before we wanted to go there, I got dizzy. Something’s wrong with me. I got hot and cold shivers and felt sick in my stomach. But since there was no time to rest, I left with Haake and the cleaning lady for the house. An older woman was already expecting us. She told us about herself and the fact that she had cancer and tried to cure herself with black magic. Right then I realized that the house was packed with skulls and holy figures (Saints) made out of skeletons. Right then my stomach made some weird noise, I got super-dizzy and felt like collapsing any minute. I took a seat real quick, so I wouldn’t faint. Right then, the son of the family asked me what the movie was about. I could hardly talk but mumbled something like, “Haake please tell him”. Haake got pissed off because he thought that it was my job to tell people about the movie and he didn’t wanna do it. If Haake only knew what was going on with me at that moment! But I guess, he soon noticed what was going on because next thing I knew, I was sitting on the toilet with explosive diarrhea. Okay, now it’s official: Barbara is suffering from “Montesuma’s Revenge”. Great. The lady with cancer gave me some of her medication and she ensured me it would help. I didn’t care about what I took any more, I just wanted it to go away, and so I took that weird looking pink pills. After a while I did feel a bit better and could even tell the family about our movie. (Haake had still not told them anything. Grrrr…) Well, the result of all this: The house is not the perfect location for our movie but a possible one if we don’t find anything else and if we exchange the black magic stuff with Christian saints. Besides that: I need good medication, otherwise I won’t survive tomorrow’s shoot.

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  1. Haake Says:

    Dear Barbara,

    I like you very much… sometimes. But if you write such a shi…, I get very angry. You know, I told you every single day to eat more fruits and vegetables, not only meat, like you always do, but you didn’t listen to me, so you have to pay the bill for it now.

    The second thing I’m angry about is, of course I explained them the whole story while you’ve been on the toilet, I had enough time, but my english is very bad, they didn’t really understand me. They speak spanish most of the time, you know?

    Please stop crying now… and eat more fruits and vegetables :o)

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