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Today was the day for our first large scale lighting operation. I mean the lightning equipment that fits into our Minivan; 3 Kinoflos, a few 300 Watt-lamps, a China Ball with light bulb and two daylight lamps with 1200 and 575 Watts. The camera with its P+S Adapter needs much light. So I wasn’t sure, if it was enough, but it worked. I’m a bit afraid of the next weeks, because this wasn’t our last garden to shoot at night.

Barbara was very nervous today, first we had no gang, then two different gangs which only like each other during film shootings. Thank god, Fuego keeps them together. He needed years to fight for “respect”. We also had a lot of time pressure. There was a party somewhere, so we had only two and a half hours for shooting the scene. Our decision to shoot the whole film with a documentary-like handheld camera seems to be right. It’s the only way to change the point of view fast enough, to get a bit time to see what happens in front of the lens, if Barbara gives me enough time.

I’m surprised about the candidness of the people to dope while we are filming. They really want a movie that takes place in their world I think. Luis was very brave. He lives in a completely different world than the gang-members. As the scene went completely out of control, the gang had thrown a lot of cookies on his head, he stayed in his role, stayed cool.

Because of Barbara’s big improvisation-talent, we got all the images to edit the scene, which had been written in the script.

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