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Well, in comparison with yesterday today’s shooting was really easy. It just took us only 1 hour to find the location at Port Isabel again and we suprisly could really shoot some scenes. Then a little accident happened to Barbara as she spilt most of our fake blood that we bought with us from Austria and which is actually pretty expensive. That coincidentally someone closed the doors of our Low Rider leaving the keys inside, this is something I shouldn’t even mention. Since after 2 hours in the pure heat and various tries to open it again, we finally managed…

Something more from yesterday by the way: one of the scenes we shot yesterday was a beerrun. I was responsible for buying the beer but could really not imagine how much to buy. Over here when you steal beer you just hide one or two bottles under your coat… After hours of discussions with RJ I finally got persuaded to buy 4 boxes and really: RJ and Lalo are that trained that each of them could run with 2 boxes of beer without loosing breath (check out the picture from yesterday)

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