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Our first location of today was a hit. An old shrimp harbour with countless old rustily boats. The scenes were great, our friends Patty, Zuly, Carol, Lalo and RJ improvised like movie stars. Weather was beautiful, blue sky and compared to the natural herbal sauna in the car of Carol’s mom it almost seemed frosty to me. It was only about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, not that bad, nevertheless there was no shadow. We’ve been ready with the scenes in an amazing time, enough time to repeat the scene with Lalo and RJ at the beach. Yesterday the sunset was to fast for us.

But then the key of Lalo’s Low-rider was in the car, which had closed it self. The owner and we were outside, looking inside, inside America :o) With a lot of violence and a wire out of my set bag the car was persuaded to open itself again after two hours of trial and error. Ok, fast to the beach again and we had the same situation again; a sunset to fast for us, nevertheless the mosquitos found us, but that was no problem. They didn’t find any place to bite us, because of too many bites from yesterday.

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