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You don’t wanna know how long I have already been studying at filmschool (luckily it’s really cheap in Austria), but the truth is: Whatever they teach you, you can’t use anyway. Even if they tell you hundreds of times that you must have your actors and locations BEFORE the first day of principal photography, the truth looks different:

Example 1: Shooting with an assistant principal at 1pm the same day: For weeks you have tried to reach her but you couldn’t as

- it’s holidays
- your desperate emails were ignored
- you weren’t able to find out a private telephone number or address

What to do? At 10am the same day you go into her office and have to convince her that she will come out in a movie at lunch break on her first day of work. Nothing easier than that.

Example 2: For the day after tomorrow you need an ROTC class. Same problems as mentioned above:

- it’s holidays
- no teacher could be reached
- today is the first day; some students show up at school again for preparing some stuff

In this case you go to ROTC 2 days in advance (now it’s almost too easy…) and believe that they can organize at least 15 students in uniform to come to school during holidays to do a little performance… Let’s see if the 1st Sergenat was right: he told me he will manage…

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