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1.) Crissy is warmhearted, sensitive, vulnerable.
2.) Crissy is a prostitute from downtown addicted to crack
3.) Crissy comes out in our movie as a crack addicted mother and acts very real.
4.) Crissy is unpredictable.


Today’s scene: Crissy is being thrown out of the house by her son Manni.

The problem: Crissy is not there. Our set location (Triste’s house) is locked and Triste won’t pick up the phone.

Besides: Constanze is stuck in the mud with her car.

How does a director feel, being confronted with problems like this, knowing he is running out of time. I’d say, it’s time for heavy thinking. Therefore, we just get Constanze out of the mud, I adapt the scene to an outdoor scene and Constanze searches for Crissy and gets her on set (unbelievable story by the way/ check out Constanze’s blog entry).


Crissy looks worn out and shakes when she shows up at the set. First thing she does, is telling me that she feels so down today. And yep, you can see it in her sad eyes. When she gets her clothes changed for the scene, she throws all her own clothes into the toilet and tries to flush it down. No good sign.

We start to shoot: Manni (RJ) chases Crissy down the stairs out on the street and throws stones after her in the end. Crissy acts so real and authenticly. It looks like she is performing her own life right now. Unbelievable shot. Haake makes fascinating moves with his camera. One take done. Still, we need another one to improve the difficult camera moves.

Right then, Crissy tells me that she can’t do it again. She breaks out in tears and runs into the bathroom of the apartment next to Triste’s . I follow her. The owners of the apartment are not really happy with the fact that a worn out girl is using their bathroom and want her out. I get in to talk to her. Crissy breaks down into my arms. She is crying heavily and can hardly talk. I try to calm her down. She tells me that last night was terrible. She was forced by her husband to go with a guy and to… well, I guess you know what. She didn’t have a good feeling about that guy, but her husband insisted to go with him. She then starts crying again. People from my team are knocking onto the bathroom door. Also, the owners of the apartment want us out. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I just think, I have to help Crissy. That’s priority nr. 1 now. And somehow I manage to calm her down pretty quickly. Then I explain to her that she can of course leave. But I need help as well: I have a film shoot and I’m running out of time and can’t afford any additional shooting days. I feel so much pressure and if she can somehow manage to do another take, it would be of great help for me. Of course, I would understand if she can’t do it. Crissy looks at me for a while and then agrees to do one more take before she leaves.

So we leave the bathroom. I tell Haake that we can only do one more take. Haake gets all mad, but I had no time to explain the whole situation to him, so I force him to concentrate and do that difficult shot as good as he can. So, we shoot the scene. Haake at his best. Wow, I can really count on him. And Crissy – wow. After that take we drive Crissy back downtown. I feel so sorry for her. I give her my phone number, so she can call me up if she feels like talking to someone.

We’re back in our hotel now. Crissy hasn’t called. I guess, she’s not gonna call anymore. And even if I don’t like it, I have to face it that Crissy is Brownsville, too.

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  1. Haake Says:

    Thanks, an approval from my director. That’s new and I#m very happy about that.

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