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As soon as we step into Homer Hanna High School, we get pelt by eggs and old food and…. Just kidding….But the truth is that we are confronted with so many bans and orders that you just get the feeling, you can’t even move one step to the side without getting a warning by the principal, Miss Alacon. Today I just wanted to borrow a latter for 2 minutes from one of the workers at school. Wham! Warning by Miss Alacorn: If I ever try to borrow a latter again, I’ll get thrown out of the school. Wow. All right. So, I guess, I will not borrow a latter again.

Then we shoot a scene with a police officer and security guards who handcuff two students and take them to the office. Wham! Warning by Miss Alacon: Nobody has ever been handcuffed at this school, she says, and accuses us of falsifying the truth. Then, one of the security guards replies that they’ve handcuffed students many times so far. I don’t get it. What’s her problem with showing everyday’s procedures? Well, I guess, somehow she must have a problem with it. Or us. Or life. Or whatever.

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