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We got kicked out of school today. There was no reason for that. We didn’t break any rules. The principal just left us a message, saying we had to leave the school within 15 minutes. She didn’t even tell us in person. No chance to talk to her.

So, when we were about to leave, I saw her on the parking lot, getting into her car. I ran to her car as fast as I could. She pretended not to see me and started the motor. I did not give up and knocked onto the side window of her car. You could see she really didn’t wanna talk to me but since it was too embarrassing to keep on pretending not to see me, she rolled down the window. I looked at her, took a deep breath and told her in the nicest way to have a nice day. She was so embarrassed, and she even seemed to be scared of me. She then rolled up the window again and took off. I don’t get it. What is this lady scared of? What makes her so mean?

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