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New experiences every day… First an actor doesn’t show up, I reach him in Mexico. He said he is coming only not to show up in the end. Then RJ nearly got hired for a shrimp boat for real and I have to fight for shooting permissions. As we wanna shoot a beachparty at the beach of South Padre Island next weekend I had to go to court today. I applied for the permission already last week, but yesterday I got a phone call from the Filmcommission that the court will decide about my motion today.If I’m lucky they will just agree to it, if not I have to speak in front of the court… I never heard about that before that you have to apply for a shooting permission at court, but whatever. Of course I was not lucky and after waiting a long ass time and listening to a lot of other applications I finally went to the little platform. Honestly I had no idea what exactly they wanted from me - so I just told them about our project and how great it is to film in Brownsville and how much support we get and so on - which is the truth but which I thought might help. And that was it. They didn’t even ask me what exactly we are planning on the beach, I just had to sign a contract and could finally leave. After that no one in Austria can say anymore that our administratic offices work too bureaucratically.


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