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As we left Brownsville yesterday, it was a curious moment for Andi and me. There was only little time to say Good Bye to all the nice people, who helped us so much. There have been so many impressions and incidents the past two months, which will leave deep marks in our heads. Altitudes and deepness, you experience rarely in your life.

It was already dark, when we reached Austin in the late evening. Austin is a very large city compared to Brownsville with many impressive multi-storey buildings downtown, we couldn’t see more. At the Red Roof Inn we had time for two cans of beer, a nap of sleep, at seven o’clock AM we had to start again.

We reached the equipment rental service earlier than thought before and we had a few time to keep an eye on the street. It looks completely different than Brownsville; almost no Mexicans but a great influence of black citizens. But in principle there’s poorness in the outer districts of both towns.

Equipment back, then back on the Highway to Hewston airport. It’s striking to note many german place names on our way: Schertz, Luling, Waelder, Schulenburg or Weimar.

For all of you, who have to drive from Austin to Hewston: Don’t take the first way to the airport, because it’s the wrong one. It’s very small and costs half an hour of your time. Hewston is much bigger than Austin and there are highways in three storages. That’s unbelievable for us Europeans. We didn’t see much more. Then we came into a traffic jam close to the airport and it seemed that the time would run out. When we arrived we had to bring back the car, which was brand new two month ago and which now looked like four years older. The took it back without any troubles. We reached the check in right on time and I had enough time to check some cigarettes.

The reunion with Gaile and Barbara was the evidence, that all happens right on time like at the whole film shooting of the past two months. Often we had the feeling, that tomorrow the big wave will fall on us and set an end to our shooting or that the last hair of Damokle’s sword would tear… but it didn’t.

And now back to “the old world”.

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  1. Barbara Says:

    Hey, Haake! I like the way you spell Houston: “Hewsten”. Yep, you always try to be different. That’s what I like about you. A real artist!

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