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Honestly… and this time for real: this was definitely the worst day of my life ever. After 3 hours of sleep I had to get up at 7 again to extend my contract with the rental station in Harlingen. Then I headed back to the hotel to pick up Gaile and Barbara to bring them to the airport.

When I came back to the hotel room at 10am (which I had to leave by 11), I got dropped dead. Not only Barbara and Gaile didn’t clean up as they promised but also left the apartment totally destroyed and dirty. Even the coffee machine was still on. Afer a complete nervous breakdown I checked the keys to my new room (which was only one door away) and started to sort out things. First I carried my own stuff (2 bags), then all the props (5 huge boxes) and then the rest of the groceries. That’s when I got the next shock: the new room didn’t have a fridge. Well, that meant, I had to check a new room and to start all over again. In the meantime it was already 2pm and I was unable to move my body anymore because of total exhaustion. Luckily RJ called round that time and offered me his help.

Together we managed to have cleaned up everything within 4 hours (we even washed the dishes as I would have been too embarassed to look at any employee of the hotel again if I had left the room as it was). Anyway I can’t tell you how angry I was. Not only because of the dirt, but my team also has “forgotten” a lot of stuff like kitchenware, a coffee machine, speakers, a notebook (!) and even underwear. And I guess they will never see their stuff again as I have no idea how to carry all these things with me. It’s their own fault, that’s all I can say.

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