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As soon as I got back to Vienna, I immediately felt all the exhaustment of the past three months and couldn’t help but sleep, sleep, sleep. I was gonna sleep for a couple of days, but got interrupted by a phone call.

It was Haake telling me that something terrible has happened with our raid. Just to make one thing clear: Our raid is a special hard disk, where all our film material, all our scenes are stored. No raid means no scenes and no movie. Destroying our raid is just as if we never shot anything. Just like shooting a movie without putting a tape or film stock into the camera.

So Haake tells me what happened: The flight company took away our raid on the flight from Paris to Vienna. I had another flight and therefore didn’t know anything about it. When Haake got the raid back in Vienna, it was damaged. He, of course, panicked and took it home to plug it in and see if our film material is still there. Unfortunately, he forgot to change the voltage button (We’ve got different voltage in Europe than in the US) and so that whole thing kinda exploded. A small smoke cloud was the end of it. So now we have no idea if all our work is gone or not. We gotta get the raid repaired and then we’ll see if we still have the film material or not. Now all we can do is wait. And I’m not thinking of sleep any more.



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