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At this point I shall also quickly blog to gladly point out the articles on our project that have already been published:

The only one in English is to be found in the Brownsville Herald - the link is:

Brownsville Herald - View from the ‘Inside’

Unfortunately all the other artices are in German, but nonetheless… here the are…

Fellow bloggers have written on  www.indie-stars.de - the direct link is:


this article can also be found on the Filmerforum.de.vu - direct link:


and on the blog eliterator.de, also featuring an interview with Constanze:


Then there are the articles published on print in Extradienst and Kurier and the on-line interview with Constanze on the homepage of Ö1 - the direct links are:

Extradienst - Moguln der Zukunft

Kurier - Stars mit Handschlagqualitäten

Ö1 - Talentebörse, Film: Constanze Schumann, Produzentin

All the links can also be found in our blog roll in the “Press” category.

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