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Thank God! Constanze has bought a T-Shirt to change! The only thing is that she won’t take the price off and wear it because she still thinks that her luggage will soon arrive and in that case she could return the shirt. I think it was Francis Bacon that once said: ‚ÄěHope is a good breakfast, bit it is a bad supper.” 103 more calls for the casting. Constanze is constantly on the phone answering calls. She can’t even take a pee. We are wondering about the amount of people who have read the ad in the Brownsville Herald. Then, we find out that Channel4 made a casting call as well. What in the world is Channel4 and how did they find out about us? Whoops, the phone is ringing again. I guess we gotta need another casting day (or days) to be able to see all these people.

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