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Hanna High School has still not returned our calls. So we still don’t know if we get the permission to shoot from the NEW principal. (The old principal had already given us permission but is not responsible for the school any more). Constanze and I know, we gotta react: We are not gonna wait for the principal, Miss Alarcon, to call us back anymore. We are gonna go to the school, walk into the office and talk to her face to face.
Because somebody has to take care of the casting calls, which is gonna be me, Constanze goes to the school by herself. When she finally comes back after an hour, I see trouble in her face. She tells me that the new principal said NO. I can’t believe it. Shock! Fuuuuuuck!!!! No way!!!! Constanze starts calling people on the phone to see what she can do about it. No, we won’t give up. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And after a while we decide to do something, which will cheer us up: Shopping.

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