Where are they now?

Many people have been touched by the great performances of our actors and keep asking about their whereabouts.

Here is what they are doing now:

Aimeé Lizette Saldivar (Aimee):
Aimeé Lizette received a scholarship to study Film, Spanish, & Anthropology at the University of North Texas. She has worked as a reporter for two local TV shows, taken acting lessons in the US, Mexico, and Spain, acted in various short films, and produced & directed some of her own. Her ultimate goal is to Produce and Direct feature films and help in the expansion of Spanish-language cinema.

Carlos Benavides (Carlos):
After graduating from High School, Carlos enrolled at The University of Texas Pan America where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.

Raul Juarez (Manni):
RJ lives in Brownsville, now works a 9 to 5 and continues to record music as a hobby.

Luis De Los Santos (Ricky):
After partaking a role in INSIDE AMERICA, Luis based himself in New York City where he produces and studies film at New York University. He is now abroad in the Czech Republic for one semester where he is currently shooting a film on Eastern European youth.

Robert A. Perez (Fuego):
When the film was over Fuego went back to being a parent. Father of 3 back then and now father of 5, giving his family his full attention focusing on making his babie’s life the happiest to his extend. Now working as a full time Tattoo Artist together with his wife his next goal is to buy a house. He still raps now and then.

Zachary Salinas (Bobby):
Zachary graduated Hanna high school in 2009 and moved to Austin, Texas where he is getting his basics in drama at Austin Community College. He is looking at acting schools and has gotten gigs such as Friday Night Lights the TV show. He is hoping to get an internship at Universal Studios in the summer and is going to be applying to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts as well as the New York Film Academy.

Pete Vega (Pete):
After the film Pete graduated high school, joined the United States Army, got married to his high school sweetheart and has now a 2 year old son. He served in Iraq for a year and is now enrolled in Allied University to persue a degree in Criminal Justice.

Reunion Brownsville March 2011 

Reunion Brownsville March 2011

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